Dive Behind the Music

Nicole Stover is a vibrant soprano with a passion for storytelling through music. Her philosophy especially in her solo work centers around being able to provide a space for escapism and thoughtfulness. Specifically, what drives Nicole in her work is the idea of the ‘human condition’. Who are we really, underneath all of the social media, appearances in person and online, countless to dos and everyday tasks? Where are those deeper emotions that we are encouraged to laugh off or put away with “I’m fine, how are you?” Nicole feels that while society is losing a solid sense of connectedness and emotional honesty, music remains a place where these ideas and emotions can thrive. By creating stories through characters found in music, Nicole allows her audience to experience an introspective journey whether in opera, art song, chamber, or new music. 

A genre bursting at the seams with stories and escapism, performing opera is where Nicole feels most at home. Often playing women with a dramatic flair, she has recently been featured as Nella in Varna International’s production of Gianni Schicchi and as Noémie in UNT’s production of Le Testament de Tante Caroline. She has participated in several opera choruses and understudied roles such as Despina (Cosi fan tutte), and Zerlina (Don Giovanni). Currently, Nicole is focusing on the role of Miss Jessel (The Turn of the Screw) with Peabody Opera, a particularly complex woman with a woeful, compelling story that fights for the spotlight among the other characters in the show. In Nicole’s solo recitals, she loves combining selections of opera with art song, another genre with endless characters to explore and learn from. 

Nicole has always enjoyed being a part of a collaborative effort and sharing the stage with colleagues. For years, she has been heavily involved in choral activities, participating in ensembles such as UNT’s A Cappella Choir and Collegium Singers, both under the direction of Dr. Allen Hightower. Recently, Nicole was granted the opportunity to  expand her knowledge of early music, delving further into chamber works, and working more closely with members of the acclaimed chamber group, Fantasmi, created and directed by Dr. Paul Leenhouts. Currently, Nicole is working towards her Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance at Peabody Conservatory and studying under the direction of Ah Young Hong. Previously, she completed her BM in Vocal Performance at the University of North Texas while studying with Carol Wilson. 

Nicole’s goals for her professional career heavily involve connecting with others either through collaboration or through her solo work. She is also driven to continue telling stories, as she has always been buried in fantasy growing up. Nicole firmly believes that some of life’s most important lessons are found in books, movies, art, and music. Through her music, Nicole hopes to build relationships not only with her fellow musicians, but also her audience as they take part in her journey through opera, choral music, chamber ensembles, and other works in the coming years.